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Hollywood Animation Academy is a specialty school for animation located in Kansas City. They offer a range of courses and programs to help aspiring animators develop their skills and prepare for careers in the film, game, and television industries.

Their offerings include a 2-year program, as well as online courses for those who want to explore animation before committing to a full-time program. The academy focuses on providing hands-on training and practical skills that are relevant to the industry. They offer courses in areas such as 2D animation, 3D animation, character design, storytelling, storyboarding, acting for animation, and more.

The instructors at Hollywood Animation Academy have extensive experience working in major studios such as Disney and Warner Bros. They provide students with valuable insights and industry knowledge to help them succeed in their careers. The academy emphasizes the importance of building an exceptional portfolio and offers guidance on portfolio preparation.

Overall, Hollywood Animation Academy is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education in animation and helping students develop the skills they need to pursue their dreams in the industry.