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Harassment Compliance Training LLC Logo

Harassment Compliance Training LLC

Los Angeles, CA
✅ CityLocal Exchange Trusted Business

Harassment Compliance Training is a nationally recognized company that specializes in workplace harassment prevention training. They offer a range of comprehensive training programs to help organizations create safer and more inclusive work environments. Their training methods are designed to protect companies from legal liabilities and guide employees in recognizing and addressing situations like sexual harassment.

The company provides on-site group training, live virtual sessions, and self-paced digital courses to cater to different learning needs. They also offer specialized programs such as corrective action training and HR training to empower managers and HR teams with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Harassment Compliance Training is committed to fostering respect, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. With their expertly crafted programs, they aim to not only comply with legal standards but also set a new benchmark for workplace culture excellence.

The company has developed their training program based on the expertise of professionals in workplace ethics and legal standards. Their comprehensive services address the core issues that lead to harassment and bullying, promoting respect, inclusion, and safety.

Overall, Harassment Compliance Training is dedicated to creating a harassment-free workplace for every employee. They deliver their training services in all 50 states in the U.S., offering support in English and Spanish with options for other languages upon request.