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Gtechniq is a company that specializes in formulating high-performance ceramic coating products, washes, shampoos, and more for cars, boats, and bikes. They offer a range of durable and long-lasting ceramic coatings that chemically bond to the surface, as well as products to remove contaminants and prepare the paint for coating application. Gtechniq also provides ceramic sealants to keep the ceramic protection topped up, along with various products to clean and protect wheels, glass, metal surfaces, interior plastics, and fabric surfaces. They offer kits bundled with their finest products for paintwork protection. Additionally, Gtechniq offers marine-specific ceramic coatings, washes, and shampoos to provide advanced gloss and long-lasting protection for boats. For bike enthusiasts, they provide bike-specific ceramic coatings, washes, and shampoos designed to deliver long-lasting gloss and protection. Overall, Gtechniq focuses on innovation and advanced chemistry to protect your investment in vehicles or boats.