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Fit-Up Pro

South Houston, TX
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Fit-Up Pro is an international leader in the field of pipe fitting tools, offering a comprehensive range of products for fit up, alignment, and layout. The brand is a part of the S.F.E. Group, which was formed in 2019 through the merger of B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC, Mathey Dearman Inc., TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists, and AXXAIR. With a rich history dating back to the 1930s, Fit-Up Pro by Mathey Dearman is known for its continuous innovation and high-quality pipe fitting tools.

Fit-Up Pro's product range includes external and internal pipe clamps, welding wedges, flange spreaders, flange aligning tools, and a wide variety of pipe layout and marking tools. These tools are designed to meet the diverse needs and demands of industries that require precise fit up and alignment of pipes.

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), S.F.E. Group ensures that Fit-Up Pro maintains its own brand identity while being integrated into the overall product range offered by the group. Fit-Up Pro's products are available through S.F.E. Group branches across four continents as well as their extensive network of global partners and distributors.

Whether you need pipe marking tools, alignment equipment, or scissor clamps, Fit-Up Pro provides top-notch solutions for all your pipe fitting needs. Contact them today for high-quality products and reliable service.