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Emerald City Athletics

3785 S Alaska St, Seattle, WA 98118
✅ CityLocal Exchange Trusted Business

Emerald City Athletics has a comprehensive program designed to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. Their program, called the VOPA System, consists of four steps: Vision, Objectives, Process, and Accountability.

In the Vision step, individuals clarify their why and identify the reasons behind their fitness goals. The Objectives step focuses on setting specific and measurable goals, such as weight loss or muscle gain. The Process step involves following a results-driven strategy that includes nutrition, cardiorespiratory exercise, resistance training, and recovery.

The final step is Accountability, Motivation, and Guidance, where Emerald City Athletics offers different program options to support individuals at varying levels of accountability. These programs include Access Membership, Amenities Plus Membership, Champions Training, and Personal Training.

By following their program and utilizing these components of fitness along with personalized nutrition plans and guidance from their team, members can see results and create a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.