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Crystal Lily Creative is a brand coach and diversity consultant that believes in empowering leaders by helping them create the tools they need to form relationships that support their growth and purpose without sacrificing integrity. They specialize in inclusive branding and leadership development consulting. Crystal Lily Creative works with brands and leaders who want to use their influence to advocate for things like philanthropy, inclusion, human rights, social justice, education, and sustainability. Their approach is rooted in core values and they use this philosophy to help leaders define their brand, share their message, and connect with people in a meaningful way. Crystal Lily Creative also partners with other leaders who are values-aligned and qualified to support projects.

The founder of Crystal Lily Creative is Crystal herself. The brand began as a photography brand in 2016 and expanded its services to include diversity and inclusion branding consulting in 2019. Combining 15+ years of corporate experience with creative passion, Crystal Lily Creative offers inclusive brand consulting and leadership development experiences.

To learn more about Crystal Lily Creative's philosophy, values, business partners, solutions, and join their mailing list for updates on mindful business practices, visit their website.