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Clean Hamper is a locally owned and operated laundry service center in Binghamton. They offer a range of convenient and professional laundry services, including wash-and-fold, specialty cleaning of large items, stain and spot removal, hang dry, and ironing services. Customers have the option to drop off their laundry at the Clean Hamper facility or request doorstep pickup and delivery.

Clean Hamper has received positive reviews from satisfied customers. One customer mentioned that they love the service and appreciate how it can handle bulky or heavily soiled items, such as comforters and dog beds. Another customer praised the cleanliness of their laundry and noted that it was more economical than using laundromat washers and dryers.

Clean Hamper serves not only individuals but also commercial clients. Their fast, friendly, and convenient service caters to busy singles, families, professionals, college students, seniors, and others in need of reliable laundry assistance.

For more information or to get started with Clean Hamper's services, customers can visit their website where they can find FAQs and read reviews from other satisfied clients.