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Big Star Studios is a performing arts studio located in Snoqualmie that offers a wide range of kids' dance, music, and acting classes. With a focus on storytelling and creativity, Big Star Studios aims to create confident and compassionate children through their performing arts education programs. They provide classes in various disciplines including theater, acting, music, musical theater, dance, competition team, and visual arts. The studio offers a safe space for students to unleash their creativity and develop interpersonal problem-solving skills. They have experienced instructors who understand the importance of performing arts education in promoting social skills, discipline, team building, self-esteem, and performance skills. In addition to their regular classes, Big Star Studios also organizes theater and summer camps for children who want to further enhance their skills. With a commitment to nurturing talent and providing an enriching experience for students of all ages, Big Star Studios is a fantastic choice for kids interested in exploring the world of performing arts.