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AquaGuard Foundation Solutions in Atlanta, GA, offers expert concrete leveling services for homes and businesses. Their range of techniques and products stabilize and repair building foundations, basements, crawl spaces, gutters, and concrete surfaces like driveways and sidewalks. With decades of experience, AquaGuard provides minimally invasive solutions such as PolyRenewalâ„¢ polyurethane injections for quick and effective concrete repairs. By addressing underlying soil issues that cause settling and cracking, AquaGuard ensures long-lasting results that restore safety and aesthetics to your property.

Established in 1995, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has been a trusted partner for homeowners in Georgia seeking high-quality home repair solutions. They prioritize personalized service across various locations in the state, offering free inspections to address water mitigation needs, protect homes, and provide efficient concrete lifting services to create safe and even surfaces for families to enjoy.