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Alive Agency LLC

7700 Windrose Ave., Plano, TX 75024
✅ CityLocal Exchange Trusted Business

Alive is a marketing agency that takes a results-driven approach to help businesses succeed in the digital realm. With over 10 years of experience, they have worked with a diverse range of brands across industries, including Michaels, Kirkland's, Wilhelmina Models, Greyhound, and ZTE.

Alive offers a wide range of specialized services to meet the unique needs of each client. Some of their specialties include:

1. AI (Alive Intelligence): They utilize data analysis, predictive analytics, and expert insights to empower brands in developing superior marketing strategies and tactics.

2. C2 (Context Connects): This solution enables brands to effectively understand and engage with their target audiences by analyzing contextual behavior on social media platforms.

3. ACE (Alive Content Engine): ACE streamlines the creation and distribution process of marketing content across various channels, enhancing brand presence and boosting search engine optimization (SEO).

4. OmniChannel Optimizer: Alive helps businesses optimize their sales across physical and online platforms by integrating digital and traditional channels with targeted messaging.

Their team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering superior solutions in marketing, insights, creative design, and development. With a focus on innovation and measurable results, Alive aims to be the trusted partner for businesses seeking success in the digital landscape.