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4433 South Dr, Houston, TX 77053
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AXXAIR has a rich history in the market of orbital tube working machines. Some of their significant milestones include:

- In 1997, the company was founded after the ESSEN show in Germany with one model.

- In 1998, they expanded their product range by introducing cutting machines CC220 and CC320.

- In 2000, there was a color change for their CC range of machines.

- In 2001, AXXAIR introduced their first closed orbital welding head and power supply with electronic control.

- In 2003, they introduced a range of closed and open welding heads.

- In 2010, AXXAIR redesigned their CC range and established a subsidiary in Rastatt, Germany.

- In 2012, they opened a subsidiary in Texas, USA (AXXAIR USA).

- In 2017, AXXAIR launched a new range of welding power supplies called the SAXX.

- In 2019, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary and integrated into the SFE Group.

These milestones highlight AXXAIR's commitment to innovation and continuous development in the field of orbital tube working machines.