Understanding the Value of Ongoing SEO Services for Your Business

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Understanding the Value of Ongoing SEO Services for Your Business

Before we delve into the importance of SEO, it is important to understand what Digital Marketing is and how SEO fits into this modern aspect of business growth. Digital marketing has taken over traditional avenues such as TV and Print. The rise of giants like Amazon and Google and the decline of brick-and-mortar stores like Sears and Toys R Us exemplifies this shift. The average person now spends more time on Facebook than in physical photo albums or phonebooks. This digital revolution has made digital marketing an essential asset for any business owner.

Is Monthly SEO Worth It?Amazon's success story serves as a bright example. Despite not having a physical storefront, it has become the 7th largest retailer, surpassing Walmart in market capitalization.

Digital marketing primarily involves search marketing, social media promotion, display advertising, and email marketing. In 2017, spending on digital marketing surpassed TV advertising expenditure. Among these channels, search engines play a pivotal role.

With approximately 200 billion searches per month (source: SEO.com), search engine users in the U.S are expected to cross 236 million by the end of 2019. A significant majority of marketers are focusing on boosting their organic presence online. Around 72% of users who search for local stores on their mobile phones end up visiting those stores. While social media contributes to just 3% of traffic to websites, search engines facilitate the major portion of online-based sales and visits to websites.

This information validates two important facts: (1) Digital marketing is now more significant than TV and other channels (2) Search engines are integral to digital marketing sales. Consequently, search engine marketing becomes an essential part of any marketing strategy. There are two types of search engine marketing: sponsored search (PPC) and organic search (SEO). SEO is a more cost-effective investment than PPC and yields a higher ROI when executed correctly.

So, if you're wondering, "Should I invest in monthly SEO services?" you need to consider the potential loss if your business doesn't appear in search engine results. Traffic derived from searches ranks second only after referrals. Search engines display your website to users who are actively searching for the products or services you offer, making it a highly effective avenue for business growth.

One may question why an ongoing SEO strategy is essential rather than a one-time effort. The fact is, SEO is not a sprint; it's a marathon. You can't expect to jump from rank #1000 on Google to #1 in one day. Earning the trust of search engines takes time and consistent effort. With Google updating its search algorithm more than 500 times per year and considering over 200 "signals" to rank websites, maintaining your SEO efforts becomes crucial.

The unpredictable nature of search engine algorithms calls for a long-term commitment to SEO. Just because one company cannot sustain an ongoing SEO project doesn't imply its competitors will follow suit. Choosing not to invest in continuous SEO could potentially put your business at risk.

Unfortunately, not all SEO companies deliver quality service. Some are incompetent or exploit their clients' lack of knowledge about this intricate process. Therefore, take time while choosing an SEO service provider. Look for firms with proven track records and don't get swayed by flashy sales pitches. Ensure that the company you choose is competent, trustworthy, and affordable.